State of the Art Manufacturing

At Advanced Orthomolecular Research (AOR), we have become known for our advanced service. We put our success down to four main components:

  • Delivery technologies
  • Ingredients
  • Equipment
  • The facility

Delivery Technologies

We always choose the right delivery technology, and it’s always backed by thorough scientific research. This might be veggie-capsules, gelatin capsules, softgels, vegetarian softgels, lozenges, liquids or creams.

Recent innovations include emulsification and particle size reduction. When we choose these delivery technologies, we use the most effective, safest and latest equipment in every stage of the process.


At AOR, we know that ingredients make all the difference. Our ingredients are of a superior quality, bioavailable, and always supported by science to give you the safest, most effective products.


Disintegration testing might have once been the standard for assessing the physical breakdown of a product, but AOR uses equipment that assesses its ability to dissolve. Doing this, we can draw accurate comparisons between dosage forms, establish time-release profiles and optimise our formulae.

Conventional particle size reduction involves the forceful division of particles in a metal mill, which means traces of steel fibers may remain in the product. We know this isn’t acceptable – that’s why we use advanced machinery that eliminates that risk and makes the process far more hygienic.

Additionally, the particle size analysis process traditionally uses a sieve, testing for particles as small as 60 micrometres. With our specialized techniques, we can test for particles in both powder and liquid materials that are just 10 micrometres.

Manufacturers often resort to using stabilizers when making emulsified products. These make the appearance and feel of the finished product much more appealing, but compromise the natural element of the product. We have chosen to carry out emulsification without the use of any stabilizers whatsoever – guaranteeing a much more natural product.


Our facility is at the top of Canadian nutraceutical standards. It follows the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, while manufacturing the most effective nutraceuticals available.

At the advanced AOR facility, you’ll find:

  • A non-porous wall and ceiling treatment system, which maintains low dust and product contamination
  • Dedicated air handling systems that allow each lab to minimize air movement from room to room
  • Graded airflow, which keeps the air clean and shuttles contaminated air for appropriate disposal
  • Isolated humidity and temperature controls, which allow labs to enable raw material compliance and production