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Here at AOR, we believe in providing the best collection of vitamins and nutritional supplements to suit the individual needs of our customers. We know that every person is unique and thus, we have vitamins and supplements which will appeal to any specific dietary requirements or health needs. For example, for women, we can offer many different products to help you restore your feminine energy and achieve your full potential e.g. we specifically add more iron and folic acid to our woman’s health products. We also now offer top-of-the-range vegan and vegetarian products and are proud to support ethical and healthier ways of living. We take immense pride in the fact that over 120 of our active products are now vegan, meaning that our vegan customers will never be stuck for choice. As well as this, we cater to those who have weakened immune systems by offering products with more Vitamin C in them, so that your resistance to illness is boosted. Additionally, our company also offer products which can specifically support anti-ageing, stress and energy issues, digestive health problems and improve heart, joint and bone function.

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