New Products

AOR’s Eco Series
Revolutionary Technology and Sustainable Ingredients.

The Vision of the Future
Advanced Orthomolecular Research (AOR)–a leading provider of high quality nutraceutical supplements, has recently launched their Eco Series line, a World First achievement in carrageenan-free vegan softgel technology. This line is the first of its kind to offer vegan softgels that are free of the controversial additive carrageenan. Furthermore, each product is formulated for optimal nutritional delivery, maximum sensitivity to dietary concerns (personal, religious, or allergenic); and is produced using only recyclable materials and environmentally sustainable ingredients.

Equally important to the Eco Series’ near-universal accessibility are the sustainable ingredients. Rather than using more common ingredients with larger ecological footprint, AOR took special care to source each product used in the Eco Series from sustainable sources. For example, they used the abundant and oftentimes invasive Japanese knotweed in the place of the more resource-intensive red grapes when crafting their Resveratrol supplement. This simple, yet brilliant sourcing initiative not only keeps an invasive species in check without adding more pesticides into the environment, it allows for a hearty, long lasting supply of a natural resource.

All-Around 100% Recyclable
Keeping with their overall commitment to sustainability, all labels and marketing materials are produced using stone paper, which is made from reclaimed limestone, one of the Earth’s most abundant minerals. It uses much less energy and resources (such as water and trees) than normal pulp paper. Stone paper’s carbon footprint is 67% less than traditional pulp based paper, furthermore the labels use soy ink, natural dyes, and an environmentally friendly adhesive making the bottles 100% recyclable as is.