New Products

AOR Eco Series. Leading the way with sustainability and environmental awareness.

Have you ever considered how environmentally friendly your supplements may be? Not just from the point of view of recyclable packaging, but also the sources of the materials used right down to the product ingredients.

At AOR, we have made big steps in addressing this with the launch of our ECO Series range. Products that are not only 100% recyclable, they have environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and ensure that all the ingredients in each formulation are sustainable. On top of that, the entire range is vegan too.

A World First in Capsule Technology.

The capsules are a ‘world first’ in capsule manufacturing, VSOFTGEL™ are vegan softgels that are free of the sometimes controversial, ingredient carrageenan. They are designed to ensure that the integrity of the capsule contents is maintained as well as be suitable for those with dietary, religious and lifestyle restrictions.

100% Sustainability, 100% Recyclable.

The eco system is fragile, so care should be taken to ensure that harvesting any natural ingredients does not damage the environment or lead to over harvesting. All the Eco Series products are made from ingredients where the full environmental impact is considered, rather than using cheaper and easily available ingredients, we will source sustainable alternatives. The range is produced using only recyclable materials and environmentally sustainable ingredients.

You have probably heard of Japanese Knotweed, an invasive and troublesome plant, at AOR we have found a use for it by using it to create a Resveratrol product. The plant is a good alternative to the red grapes that are more commonly used, a crop that can be heavy on resources such as water. This simple solution that helps keep an invasive species in check without the use of pesticides and means there is a plentiful supply of a natural resource.

Our commitment to sustainability and maintaining as small as possible ecological footprint, means we take great efforts to reach beyond simply a recyclable pack and naturally sourced ingredients. This commitment encompasses all the labels, inks and marketing materials too.

All the paper used, whether for a label or a leaflet, is made from reclaimed limestone, one of the earth’s most abundant minerals. Stone paper’s carbon footprint is 67% less than traditional wood pulp-based paper, it uses much less energy and resources such as wood and water, than normal paper. Many inks and dyes are chemical based, which can be toxic to the environment, especially waterways. On an Eco Series label, you will only find soya-based inks and natural dyes, even the label adhesive is environmentally friendly. Every bottle is 100% recyclable exactly as it is!

Product Highlights.

It is not just the packaging and manufacturing that is important to AOR, all the formulations must reflect research and be in combinations that optimise and enhance the absorption of the nutrients.

Sourcing sustainable ingredients is a key feature of this range, using Borage Oil as a source of GLA rather than the more commonly used Evening Primrose Oil is one example. The GLA in borage is far more concentrated meaning fewer and smaller capsules. As a souce of Omega 3 essential fatty acids, AOR use the oil-rich algae Schizochytrium, not only more sustainable than using fish it also makes the supplement fully vegan.

Antioxidants such as Lutein and Astaxanthin are also from sustainable and abundant sources. The Lutein is sourced from wildcrafted and drought tolerant marigold. It is considered an invasive plant species, the use of it as a source of lutein save the use of pesticides to eliminate the plant. An ideal sustainable source that also does not excessively use resources such as water.

Vitamin D is becoming an increasingly popular supplement, many sources are often from animal sources or ecologically sensitive sources such as fish or sheep’s wool. The Eco Series Vitamin D is derived from organic Lichen which is sustainable harvested so as not to have an impact on the surrounding eco system, it is also vegan.

Our Commitment.

The Eco Series is part of AOR’s serious commitment to environmental management and our respect for Mother Nature as part of our quest to ensure long term sustainability for the planet and its inhabitants. It is part of a broader vision to stimulate change and to challenge conventions in manufacturing and nutrition, not just for AOR, but also for all sustainability endeavours. We hope you will join with us in taking environmental responsibility to the next level for all of our futures.