You’ve Heard of Cranberry, How About the Natural Sugar D-Mannose?

September 11, 2019

D-Mannose with Cranberry

Insight into D-Mannose and Cranberry by Dr Traj Nibber.

D-Mannose is a natural sugar that has been shown to bind to harmful bacteria thereby reducing the chances of the bacteria lingering about and causing urinary tract infections. D-mannose works quickly and safely through this action. By combining with cranberry, another well-known herb, a one-two punch knocks out the harmful bacteria safely and synergistically. D-mannose can be safely and regularly used by both men and women.

D-mannose also mimics the effects of glucose. This is useful since the body can be fooled by substituting glucose for D-mannose. This may have significant health benefits for people with diabetes. More studies are being conducted in other conditions as well due to D-mannose’s interesting mechanism of action.

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