The Human Microbiome is the Latest Nutritional Buzz, But How Do You Know You Are Taking the Best Available?

September 11, 2019

Probiotic 3

Insight into Probiotic 3 by Dr Traj Nibber.

Probiotics are live bacteria that can be taken orally that can impact our health in positive ways. Recently, there has been considerable interest in the nature and composition of the gut bacteria and how healthy a person is. Our gut is a mixture of many different types of bacteria. Some of these are good and others harmful. The key to good health is having the right bacteria within our gut. The foods we eat, our lifestyles, and disease or stressors impact the composition of our gut bacteria.

In today’s taxing and stressful environment, our gut can use a helping hand so as to encourage the composition of beneficial bacteria.

There has been considerable interest in the use of probiotics. But with so many probiotics on the market how is the consumer to choose?

Here are some guidelines on selection of a proper probiotic:

1. Ask if there are any clinical studies on the product? This is really important since this is the proof that the product works. Forget the hype and ask if the product has human studies.

2. Many probiotics on the market are sold on the basis that more strains means it is better product. Most probiotics on the market boast 12 to 16 different strains. However, more strains doesn’t mean anything! This is most important since bugs are bugs. How do you know that one bug doesn’t eat another? So, compatibility is important.

3. Probiotics are sold in billions of units per capsule. The assumption is the higher the number the better the product. Again, this is meaningless since stability is more important. Look for whether the product is shelf stable.

Japanese are world leaders in probiotics. Probiotic 3 is one unique formulation with just three unique bacteria strains with about five hundred million units per capsule, far lower than most probiotics on the market. Yet this probiotic has been on the Japanese market and in other countries in Asia for over 60 years and has close to seventy human studies!

The three strains are a mixture of probiotic, pre-biotic and their combination provides symbiotic benefits. In other words, each strain works synergistically with each other. One of the strains is Clostridium butyricum which is unheard of in the probiotic world, yet this strain raises levels of short chain fatty acids particularly butyric acid greatly within our gut. Butyric acid is a key energy source or food for the bacteria in the gut and low levels are associated with numerous diseases.

Many studies show it is beneficial in diarrhoea associated with antibiotics or traveller’s diarrhea, but also allergies which are quite common in Japan.

This product also has the advantage it is shelf stable as well.

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