All Life Needs Energy, But Where Does it Come From?

September 11, 2019


Insight into Benagene by Dr Traj Nibber.

All life needs energy. Without energy none of the bodily functions can take place like walking, blinking of the eyes, pumping action of the heart, or maintaining balance or homeostasis of the body against everyday stressors.

NAD+ levels in the body is a key indicator for generation of energy. The higher the levels of NAD+ levels the greater the energy generation by the body. NAD+ is a molecule that helps move or shuttle electrons from different “handlers” within the energy generation cycle. As the electrons exchange hands within the different “handlers” by the shuttle action of NAD+, energy in the form of ATP is generated. ATP is like a hundred-pound note which the body can cash in return to do all sorts of work.

The body is constantly looking for ways of increasing NAD+ levels so more energy can be generated. One such supplement is a stabilized form of oxaloacetate commercially known as BenaGene. BenaGene is a patented and highly effective molecule in raising NAD+ levels within the body. Research has shown that in different disease conditions NAD+ levels are greatly reduced. Not only that, but as we age NAD+ levels also go down. So BenaGene is a good way to increase NAD+ levels and stay healthy.

Continuing research on this molecule suggest that BenaGene supplementation may benefit in different conditions.

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