State of the Art Manufacturing

When combined, several factors contribute to the advanced nature of AOR: delivery technologies, ingredients, equipment and the facility.

The pharmaceutical industry is miles ahead of the natural health industry in these areas. In addition, pharmaceuticals are required to abide by much more rigorous safety and sterility standards than our natural health products. Although AOR uses natural ingredients, its processes approach pharmaceutical standards in terms of delivery technologies, equipment and the facility.

AOR is bridging the gap between pharmaceutical standards and those of the natural health industry. Though this may sound scary, it merely refers to a process by which AOR goes above and beyond the norm to ensure the efficacy and safety of our products.

Delivery Technologies

At AOR, we choose the appropriate delivery technology, whether Vegi-Capsules, Gelatin Capsules, Softgels, Vegetarian Softgels, Lozenges, Liquids or Creams. The delivery technology of choice is always backed by scientific evidence. When an alternate delivery method is best, AOR will procure it.

Emulsifications and particle size reduction are recent innovative delivery technologies to AOR. These processes are applied where scientifically appropriate with the most effective, safest and cutting-edge equipment available.


AOR knows that ingredients make all the difference. AOR uses the most bioavailable and superior ingredients supported by science in order to ensure that AOR products are effective and safe.


While disintegration testing used to be the standard for assessing the physical breakdown of a product, AOR uses equipment that assesses its ability to dissolve. This allows for accurate comparisons between dosage forms, establishing time-release profiles and contributes to the optimizing of various formulas.

Particle size reduction is an important advancement within AOR's formulas. Conventional particle size reduction uses a process that involves a metal mill dividing the particles by force. Unfortunately, traces of steel fibers can be left behind in the product. AOR uses more advanced machinery that is much more hygienic and does not have this risk.

Conventional particle size analysis uses a sieve. This technique works for dry powders only and can test for particles as small as 60 micrometres. AOR's techniques allow for testing as small as 10 micrometres in both powder and liquid materials.

Making emulsified products can be difficult. Manufacturers usually resort to using stabilizers because they make the appearance and feel of the finished product much more appealing. AOR's equipment allows creation of emulsification without the use of stabilizers, making a much more natural product.


AOR's facility is state of the art in the Canadian nutraceutical industry. It follows strict standards and practices required by the pharmaceutical industry for safety while manufacturing the most effective nutraceuticals available. A few of the designs that make AOR's facility advanced include: